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Black Stone Cherry - In My Blood (live)

Band: Black Stone Cherry
Video: "In My Blood"
Album: "Thank You: Livin' Live Birmingham, UK"
Type: Live
Release date: October 2015
Label: Eagle Rock

Track listing:
01) Rain Wizard
02) Blind Man
03) Me And Mary Jane
04) In My Blood
05) Holding On... To Letting Go
06) Maybe Someday
07) Such A Shame
08) Things My Father Said
09) Fiesta Del Fuego
10) Sunshine Of Your Love
11) Like I Roll
12) Bad Luck And Hard Love
13) Drum Solo
14) Hollywood In Kentucky
15) Hell And High Water
16) Soul Creek
17) White Trash Millionaire
18) Blame It On The Boom Boom / Layla
19) Peace Is Free
20) Lonely Train (Can t Judge A Book)

In October 2014, Kentucky hard rockers Black Stone Cherry brought their Magic Mountain tour to Europe taking in shows in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. This show from Birmingham s LG Arena was filmed on October 30th. The setlist features tracks from all four of their albums and includes all of their best known songs.

BONUS FEATURES: Bonus tracks from Download 2015: (1) Blame It On The Boom Boom / Layla (2) In My Blood. / Interview from Download 2015. / DVD Sound Formats: DTS Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo / BBFC: 12. / DVD Running Time: 131 mins approx. / Subtitles: (Interview Only) English, French, Spanish, German.

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